3 simple activities for little guests to create an unforgettable birthday party

No matter where your child is schooling, you are bound to receive invitations to their classmates’ birthday parties, some are simple, some are elaborate. Whatever the scale, what makes a successful party is the happiness of the birthday kid and his/her guests.

Here are 3 activities you can prepare to entertain these little guests between 1-6 years old:

1. Sensory play
kids sensory play

Often not the first choice when it comes to party planning due to the potential mess it creates. However, there are mess-free options you can go for such as jumbo pasta and pom pom balls, these can be easily cleaned up in 5-10 minutes.

But when done right, these sensory tubs are terrific for drawing kids in and keeping them grounded for a long period of time! Allowing parents to take a breather and catch up with friends and relatives.

2. Art & Crafts

Using simple materials and with a little bit of imagination, doing art & craft is a great way for little ones to get busy, best of all, they get to bring something home as a memento!

3. Plain old toys

This might require more logistics on your part as a host, but setting up a toy corner allows children to mingle and play together, which is great for building social skills. Everyone can chip in and bring some toys to add on to the variety!

To host a party for no more than 20 kids, just 1 activity of the above should suffice, coupled with some simple warm-up games and cake cutting, will create an unforgettable experience for all the little ones.


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