3 secrets to how toddlers thrive

We often see articles on how to raise happy kids or successful children, but did you know that raising a happy baby in itself is key to setting them up for success? Here are three ways to cultivate a positive predisposition in your baby’s early childhood development and understand how toddlers thrive: 

1. Less screen time correlates with happier times

We often find kids, even toddlers and babies, gravitating towards bright screens. While you might think this as a good way to grab their focus and attention, studies have shown that adolescents who spent more time on off-screen and in-person activities were happier. Habits are created quickly and stay for a long time, so in order for your baby to grow up with a lifestyle involving less screens and more joy-inducing activities, it is crucial to create a stimulating play learning environment where your baby can holistically engage their senses! 

2. Independence and confidence go a long way

children playing outdoors

Ever find that when you’ve been in an environment with way too many rules for far too long, you start to behave irritably? According to Dr Glasser, this is because 2 of 4 of the fundamental psychological needs that drive our behaviour include freedom and power. The loose structure yet captivating nature of things like sensory play motivates your baby to develop independence and confidence through activities involving exploration, proactivity and creation. With these things in place, your baby will be predisposed towards a behaviour of enthusiastic and robust learning!

3. A present parent makes a secure baby

You’ve probably heard this one before. There are countless articles avowing the importance of spending time with your baby, but we know it is easier said than done when you never seem to have enough time and it is near impossible to always keep up with your baby’s energy. How do you both prepare and partake in enriching activities for your baby without exhausting all of your time and energy?

What other ways do you think a toddler thrives? Let us know in the comments below! 

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