How to Cultivate Your Kid’s Healthy Eating Behaviour

We often see parents or grandparents resorting to sitting their child in front of the TV or an iPad (which means more unnecessary screen time!) for meal times.

This cultivates negative eating habits and conveys unfavourable expectations to your child about meal times.

To help you make your eating rituals less stressful for your child and yourself without resorting to the iPad, we have listed some steps that you may take to create a pleasant meal time environment.

Now that we’ve shared with you the techniques to promoting positive eating behaviours for your child, it is time for you to put it into action! 

It definitely takes time to practise these approaches before truly getting the hang of it, but we assure you that even taking the first step to read our resources is going to be worth it as you develop yourself to be the very best for your child. 

Stay tuned to our pages for more tips and tricks – we are working on something that will change the game in how you support your child’s journey into being a robust and competent learner!  

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