3 Things to Do With Your Child During the Singapore Haze Season 2019

Latest news from CNA on the Singapore haze condition: PSI is entering unhealthy levels despite a day of bettered reports! 

How can you engage your child in stimulating play learning without being outside and risking illness? Thank us later–here are 3 activities for kids that can be done away from the Singapore haze today. 

1. Read library books at home

Do you know that you can borrow up to 16 books per person? For the true bookworms, downloading the NLB app allows you to borrow up to 24 books! Make a trip to the library and grab a variety of books that you can read with your child over the weekend. Where is the “stimulating play” element of this learning activity, you ask? This brings us to our next point. 

2. Make art and craft with online apps

Not only does art and craft help your child’s cognitive development, the crafts can also accompany book reads to create a stimulating play environment. For example, if you were reading a book on caterpillars, you can create these paper plate caterpillars with your child. Art and craft ideas like these can be found on Pinterest and are designed for young children by fellow parents. 

3. Get a sensory play box

Going down to the library, choosing, picking and reading books, scouring the net for craft ideas, finding and buying materials, cutting and preparing materials, designing play learning plans–all these might take up a load of time and effort, especially if you are struggling with the Singapore haze yourself. This is the perfect indoor activity where your child can reap all the sensory play benefits without choking up in the haze or wearing you down

How else are you and your child dealing with the Singapore haze months? Let us know! 

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