Things You Might Not Know About Your Child’s Playtime

How is your child’s playing?

You’ve probably heard of the word ‘sensorimotor’ as a manner of description to refer to how your child is playing. But what exactly is it? And how does this relate to the type of play that your child is engaging in?

For starters, the first stage of cognitive development is the sensorimotor stage,  typically seen in toddlers up to age two. This is part of a larger framework by Jean Piaget that describes the various stages of cognitive development that you will see in your child growing up. For children, play is then viewed as facilitating and following the development of the child, as a child’s cognitive development becomes reflected in his/her play.

This means that stages of cognitive development parallels stages of play. 

Confused? Don’t worry! Check out the chart below to get a picture of this. 

So how is your child playing? At which stage of play is he/she at?

As we now know that play is closely related to cognitive development in your little one, don’t forget to harness play to give your child’s development a boost!

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