Is preschool curriculum adequate for my child’s development?

The preschool years are critical in your child’s holistic development. Enrolling your child in preschool is a good first step in ensuring that your child is exposed to developmentally appropriate materials and curriculum that can help strengthen your child’s knowledge and skills base.

However as more parents perceive the importance of their child’s ability to be enrolled in their primary school of choice at the end of kindergarten, preschools are under pressure to ensure that their preschoolers possess a sound knowledge base that can withstand the academic requirements of primary school. Preschool teachers now dedicate more time and focus on academic learning as compared to other creative aspects of learning.

This gap in creative learning is often overlooked and perceived as less important when it actually is the case otherwise. Additionally, preschools typically have a large class size of up to 20 children. Where teachers try to pack in as much knowledge learning in the curriculum as possible, they won’t be able to address all learning gaps present during learning.

Supplementing your child’s preschool academic education with other more focused and creative means of learning can lend more support to his/her holistic development. Take the holidays to do just that with your child. Engage in various fun activities at home or outside with your child. And if you’re ever thinking “What to do with my child today?”, we’ve specially curated a holiday activities box where you and your child can engage in a daily activity together.

Each Box of Learning contains 12 simple activities that you can complete together with your child. So instead of working on kindergarten worksheets or assessment books, why not work on this box instead? All activities are creative and possess an added fun factor to enhance your child’s learning.

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